The Worst blog about spaghetti.

Long time no see...

Takes a bit long to post, huh?

I didn’t post for a while… You know, this “blog” is just a weird joke I did and I don’t expect people to find it. This means that you, the person who reads this, are wasting your time. Yes, I’m still planning to shitpost here and there but don’t check this blog every day, please! Actually I think hugo generates RSS feed for this blog, but do you really want to add it into your reader?

Hello World!

Hello World! I just started this random blog to post everything I want. Maybe even something about spaghetti. Actually this site doesn’t really about spaghetti or even food in general. This domain name just looked cool and I used it. Yep. That’s it. In any case, Welcome :) P.S. Don’t expect anything interesting here. I will probably post some strange things but I don’t promise regular updates.